Toronto Event Auctioneers

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What We Do

At TEA we provide a seamless approach to event auctions, from our trained auctioneers to our certified event planner we can assist you from increased profits to handling your event details.

Who We Are

Our staff covers a variety of experience to assist you in all aspects of your event from a certified Auctioneer to a certified event planner, we have the expertise for each type of event.

We Can Help

From event logistics and planning, to a trained live auctioneer, even down to bid catching and ensuring all bids on all items are recorded accurately. We guarantee that your profits will increase​

Toronto Event Auctioneers

Events. That is the focus of new venture created by Auctioneer Frances Fripp and Event Coordinator Melissa Gurley. As Auctioneers, we have to be familiar with booking venues, catering & vendors, lighting and sound systems as well as running the logistics of the event. Adding an event specialist to an auction company combines the advantage of a knowledgeable specialist in the event industry and the selling power and excitement of an auctioneer. Which is a huge advantage for clients who want to have an entertaining night their guests will be buzzing about as well as reaching their fundraising goals.

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